New Comprehensive Guide to Hemingway's FTA

Kent State University Press’ Reading Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms: Glossary and Commentary is a gift to the Hemingway world. Robert W. Lewis and Michael Kim Roos meticulously researched and gathered together comprehensive information for a deeper understanding of the novel for all who teach Hemingway, from the new high school instructor to the weathered professor. The page references are all keyed to the Hemingway Library Edition of A Farewell to Arms (2012), and thus it makes an accessible companion to the novel. This glossary and commentary is a necessary addition for all students and scholars who study Hemingway. Click on the link below to read more or purchase a copy.


FHS Hemingway Student Ambassador Represents Abroad, In His Own Words

Summer of Literary conferences

My travels to Europe this summer for the F Scott Fitzgerald conference in Toulouse, France and the TS Eliot Summer School in London, England were so surreal that I can scarcely believe that it wasn't just a dream. A year ago, I never would have imagined that I would have been in Europe, and furthermore, I never would have imagined that I would have been in Europe learning about what I am passionate about.

Literature has provided me with a sense of meaning that I would have been utterly devoid of otherwise, and this has saved my life in a variety of different ways that I cannot completely fathom. It is for this very reason that it was an immensely humbling and validating experience to be constantly surrounded by scholars and fellow students at both the conference and summer school who shared a similar passion. It was humbling in the sense that the extent of their knowledge on a wide range of subjects such as politics, philosophy, and of course, literature, revealed how much I still need to learn. It was validating, however, precisely because the experience afforded me a greater insight into how much there is to learn, and how a deeper appreciation for literature can be realized through the pursuit of knowledge.

The four hour train rides and eight hour flights could be quite daunting (though, admittedly, Delta Airlines won me over with their complimentary beverages and blues playlists), but it was worth every single second. Not only would I do it all again in a heartbeat, but I eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to travel again so that I may acquire a deeper love and understanding for the literature which has provided me with a purpose in my life for which I am eternally grateful for.

Alec Kissoondyal

Michelle E. Moore Book Review

This year Florida Hemingway Society member and professor of English at the College of Dupage, Michelle E. Moore, published her book, Chicago and the Making of American Modernism. Moore takes an important look at the influence the history of Chicago has had on the literary community. She digs deeply into the connection between religion and business in the rebuilding of Chicago after the fire of 1871 destroyed the city. Through archival research she explains the influence this connection had on several great American modernists. 
Moore’s book is split into two sections. Part One is entitled “The Fire, the Colombian Exhibition, and the Boosters” and includes a look at Henry Blake Fuller, Harriet Monroe, Edgar Lee Masters and Sherwood Anderson. Part Two is entitled “Making Modernism Out of Chicago” and looks at Willa Cather, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
While each of the chapters has much to offer, the Hemingway chapter was, of course, the one to draw me in immediately. Moore’s chapter on Hemingway is insightful. She sheds interesting light on Hemingway’s relationship with Henry B. Fuller and Edwin Balmer, as well as his connection with Frank Lloyd Wright. Moore particularly brings attention to Balmer’s influence on Hemingway’s “The Woppian Way,” “The Ash Heel’s Tendon—A Story,” and “The Mercenaries.” She also gives some attention to Chicagoan interpretations of “The Killers” and “Fifty Grand.” Overall, the book has much to offer. You can pick up a copy at the link below. There is also a version available on Kindle for a slight savings.

Florida Hemingway Society Hosts Student Run Art Booth

On April 6th and 7th Gainesville hosted the 50th Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival. The festival features professional artists from around the nation who gather together to celebrate art and to sell their artwork. The festival also features a community section for local artists to gather and sell artwork. FHS Executive Director, Raul Villarreal, is also the director of the Spring Arts Festival. This year, for the first time, the FHS had a student art booth organized by FHS Student Ambassador Henry Johnston. The booth was decorated and arranged by Santa Fe student artists Mariana Ortiz ( and Rodrigo Bianchi ( Several Santa Fe students submitted Hemingway related or inspired artwork. The booth was a success as students were able to interact with the local community about their artwork and Hemingway, while also selling some of their art submissions.


Florida Hemingway Society Panel at the College English Association's 50th Annual Conference

On March 30th the Florida Hemingway Society had its first panel at a CEA conference. The panel was titled Ernest Hemingway: Vision and Revision in the Sunshine State and Beyond and was moderated by Rebecca Johnston. FHS Student Ambassador Alec Kissoondayl opened the panel with his paper which looked at the connections between Hemingway’s life and works. Student Ambassador Henry Johnston followed Alec with his paper which looked at Hemingway, game wardens, and conservation in Michigan. Raul closed the panel with a phenomenal look at Hemingway and the Finca Vigia. We are looking forward to the next FHS panel.

Michigan Hemingway Society Offers Student Scholarship for Annual Conference

The Bill & Donna Coté
Scholarship Fund

The Bill and Donna Coté Scholarship to attend the annual fall Michigan Hemingway Society conference is open to graduate, undergraduate and high school students with an interest in the works and life of Ernest Hemingway.  It includes full conference registration, overnight accommodations for Friday and Saturday, and meals.  To apply the student must submit a short essay indicating why he or she would like to attend the conference, a letter of recommendation from an instructor under whom he or she has studied literature, and contact for both the applicant and instructor. These materials must be sent by September 1st to

Please consider donating online (below). You may donate using either a credit card or your PayPal account. You will receive an immediate confirmation and receipt on your screen and by email. It's simple and safe, with no forms to print and fill out, and no checks to write and mail. If you prefer you may send a check to the Michigan Hemingway Society, PO Box 922, Petoskey, MI 49770, specifying a donation to the Bill and Donna Coté Scholarship Fund.

If you have questions or would like to provide active personal support, contact Janice Byrne at for details

Call for Papers – Florida Hemingway Society Panels at the 17th International Colloquium Ernest Hemingway, Finca Vigia, Cuba, 20-23 June, 2019

Call for Papers – Florida Hemingway Society Panels at the 17th International Colloquium Ernest Hemingway, Finca Vigia, Cuba, 20-23 June, 2019

In Ernest Hemingway Studies, the connection between Florida and Cuba is often discussed.  This summer, members of the Florida Hemingway Society will have the opportunity to travel to Cuba and advance this discussion at the island nation’s 17th International Colloquium Ernest Hemingway.

Topics include;

- Ernest Hemingway: citizen of the world;

- Ernest Hemingway as a theme of study at Universities all over the World;

- Research works related with his life and work;

- Ernest Hemingway ́s Collections, Foundations, Associations, Projects and Museums around the


In other words, the conference welcomes discussion on Hemingway from multiple and diverse angles, and our Florida Hemingway Society Board will organize panels based on topics and themes received.

To submit your abstract, you must be a member of the Florida Hemingway Society. Until payment options have been added online, which should happen this month, you can have temporary membership by responding to this email. 

Abstracts should include a title and be no longer than 250 words.

All abstracts are due no later than 15 February, 2019 and should be submitted to this address: 

You will receive confirmation of your submission, and selected papers will be notified no later than 31 March

There are travel options at all prices ranges. See the information below for a sample price breakdown.

*Note that you will be responsible for your own transportation and lodging.

For more information, see the attached flyers for conference overview and schedule/pricing, and please contact with any questions.

For more on the Florida Hemingway Society, visit our web home at

Airfare to Havana ($175-350)


Speakers and Observers………….$150.00



Venue Transportation………….….$80.00

CREDENTIALS AFTER JUNE 1, 2019   $180.00

*Breakfast is provided at most Airbnb

*Late lunch provided at different venues (3:00 p.m.)


Taxi from airport to Havana $25-30 

Airbnb  $50-150 a night for single or double occupancy in Old Havana

Daily expenses

Students $50-75 a day for expenses not including souvenirs

Adults $100-(?) a day for expenses not including souvenirs

Also depends on how much rum and cigars you plan to consume

Hem in Cuba.jpg

FHS Inaugural Meeting

In October of 2018 the founding members of the FHS met at the Spring Arts House of Santa Fe College to form the Florida Hemingway Society. Board positions were confirmed, bylaws were discussed, and friendships were forged. The FHS founding members began working on plans for 2019 including representation at CEA in New Orleans, in Cuba, and at the Fitzgerald conference in France. Plans were also made to include more members from the arts and other non literary fields.

The initial roots of the Florida Hemingway Society can be traced to the Hemingway Between Key West and Cuba conference held at Santa Fe College in the summer of 2017. The conference, which was organized by Raul Villarrael and Michael Curry, was a tremendous success and we look forward to the possiblity of future conferences organized by Raul and Michael.